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Safety Training


DiVal is Your Complete Source for Safety Training!
DiVal Safety offers a variety of training classes that allow you to stay up to date on the latest industry standards and certifications. Our NSC certified trainers will make sure you leave each class with the knowledge and skills that are necessary to keep you safe and productive on the job.


DiVal Training Classes

  • Asbestos Inspections & Asbestos Management
  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Exposure Monitoring for Chemical Contaminants
  • Heat Stress Monitoring
  • Indoor Air Quality Investigations
  • Lighting Surveys
  • Mold and Fungus Assessments
  • Noise - Sound Level / Dosimetry / Octave-Band
  • Personal Protective Equipment Recommendations
  • Radiation (Ionizing / Nonionizing) Safety Training
  • Radiation (Ionizing / Nonionizing) Monitoring
  • Radon Monitoring
  • Site Specific Health & Safety Plans (HASP)
  • Ventilation Survey Evaluations
  • Vibration Exposure