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Let us take you out of the "shoe business" so you can take care of the business you're in! You have enough job responsibilities -- but managing a safety footwear program doesn't have to be one of them. The Safety Footwear Professionals at DiVal can free you from the mundane footwear management issues that can frustrate and overcomplicate your work day by creating a custom shoe program for you.



DiVal Safety Footwear and ShoeMobile features:

  • Knowledgeable Safety Footwear Consultants Perform On-Site Hazard Assessments to Determine the Proper Footwear for Your Work Environment
  • DiVal ShoeMobiles Have Safety Footwear Consultants and Footwear On-Board to Provide On-Site Selection & Fit
  • Mobile Order Entry to Track Employee Purchases, Shoe Subsidies, and Maintain Employee History
  • One Vendor for All Invoices, Questions, and Returns
  • Detailed Customized Billing
  • Aggressive Pricing
  • Huge Selection of Top Safety Footwear Brands & Styles
  • Highest Fill Rate and Fewest Returns



Why You Should Call DiVal for All Your Safety Footwear Needs:

  • Put your full trust in a safety company that does "whatever it takes" to make sure the safety footwear fits the work environment and your employee's feet
  • Our footwear consultants will give you exceptional customer service
  • We manage your entire safety footwear program so you don't have to
  • Experience big discount savings through custom footwear programs
  • Our ShoeMobile fleet is stocked and ready to roll out to your site and give your employees one of the widest selections of top brand names and style

As Safety Manager for a 1,000,000 sq ft facility...It is great to know that I can count on you and your staff of pros to take the heat off me for the day of the visit...your staff does it all! 




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