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We Not Only Supply Emergency Equipment - We Inspect and Repair Them Too!
DiVal is your one-stop-shop for all of your emergency preparedness needs. You can depend on our safety experts to do "whatever it takes" to keep your emergency preparedness equipment serviced so it's ready to work and respond to future emergencies.


DiVal's Emergency Preparedness Inspection and Repair Services Feature:

  • Emergency Lighting Inspection/Repair
  • Emergency Eyewash Station Inspection/Repair
  • Safety & Emergency Signs and Tag Evaluations
  • Fire Extinguisher Inspection/Repair
  • Flashlight Repair



Why You Should Call DiVal for All Your Emergency Preparedness Needs:

  • You can put your full trust in a safety company that does "whatever it takes" to make sure you have the right emergency equipment in place that is ready to respond to future emergencies
  • You can depend on DiVal's expert technicians to provide the highest quality inspections and repair services
  • If any of your emergency preparedness equipment fails inspection, and it can't be repaired, we can suggest and provide you with the best replacement alternative that fits your needs