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We Not Only Supply SCBAs, PAPRs and APRs - We Also Service and Repair Them!

DiVal is your one-stop-shop for all of your SCBA, Airline and Respiratory Service needs. You can depend on our Scott Safety Five-Star Service Center professionals to do "whatever it takes" to keep your employees safe and your SCBA and respiratory equipment serviced so it's ready and in top working condition the next time you need to use it. Our SCBA Service vans are always ready to roll out to your facility to perform comprehensive on-site respiratory evaluations, tests, and emergency SCBA fills so you can have your equipment ready sooner.



DiVal's SCBA, Airline and Respiratory Services feature:

  • Our Scott Safety Five-Star Service Center! (Scott's Five-Star program is only reserved for distributors who meet stringent requirements for service excellence in maintaining, testing and repairing Scott products)
  • SCBA Repair
  • On-Site Annual Flow Testing
  • Spare Cylinder Inventory
  • Automatic Flow Testing Notification Program
  • State-of-the-Art Hydro Testing System
  • SCBA Bottle Filling
  • 24 Hour Emergency On-Site SCBA Fills
  • Respiratory Evaluations



How Do I Get My Instrument Repaired?

Fill out our form and send it in with your instrument. Click HERE to download the form.



Why You Should Call DiVal for All Your SCBA, Airline and Respiratory Service Needs:

  • You can put your full trust in a safety company that does "whatever it takes" to make sure your equipment is ready and in top working condition for its next use
  • Our SCBA Service van allows us to quickly and conveniently come out to your workplace and make sure all of your equipment is in optimal working condition when you need it most
  • You can rely on our 24 hour emergency on-site SCBA fills and emergency service calls to respond to your most urgent equipment or service needs