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DiVal is the one-stop-shop for all of your safety essentials. Not only do we sell safety products and equipment, but we service them too! We do "whatever it takes" to keep you safe and productive on the job, which is why we provide a variety of different services to meet all of your safety needs. Check out all of our services below:



ShoeMobile & Safety Footwear

• Our ShoeMobiles Perform On-site Fittings and Assist with Proper Shoe Selection
• Mobile Order Entry to Track Employee Purchases and Shoe Subsidies, Maintain Employee History
• Hazard Assessments to Determine Proper Footwear
• Huge Selection of Top Safety Footwear Brands & Styles

Electrical Gloves

Electrical Glove Testing

• 3-Day Testing Turnaround!
• Documented Test Results
• State-of-the-Art Testing Lab
• Exceptional Customer Service
• Automatic Testing Notifications   • Equipment Testing Program


Embroidery &
Silk Screening

• In-house Logo Digitizing
• Nomex Thread for FR Clothing
• Uniform Programs
• Short Lead Times


Emergency Eyewash

• FREE Walk-Through Evaluations!
• Annual & Monthly Inspections
• Recharge Services (Cartridge Style)


Emergency Lighting & Signage

• FREE Walk-Through Evaluations!
• Annual & Monthly Inspections
• Certified Technicians

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

 Safety & Emergency Signs
• Tag Evaluations
• Fire Extinguisher
• Inspection/Repair
• Flashlight Repair


Equipment Rental

• Emergency Delivery for All Items
• Wide Variety of Reliable Equipment
• Equipment is Inspected and Serviced After Every Use

Fall Protection

Fall Protection

• SRL Block, Harness & Lanyard Inspections and Tests
• Serviced Equipment Returned with Applicable Certifications
• Trained & Certified Technicians


Fire Extinguisher Service

• FREE Walk-Through Evaluations
• Annual & Monthly Inspections
• We Service All Types & Brands

Fire Hose Testing

Gas Detection Service

• Exper Certified Technicians
• Meter Adjustments
• Detection Level Verification
• Serial Number Logging & Tracking
• On-site Cal-Plus Program

First Aid

First Aid Cabinet Service

• FREE Walk-Through Evaluations
• Supply Inventory & Replenishment
• First Aid Vans to Fill On-site Needs

Gas Detection

Prescription Eyewear

• Easy-to-Manage Eyewear Programs
• Wide Selection of Lens and Frames
• Large Network of Eye Care Experts

Suit Testing

Level A Chemical Suit Testing

• Pressure Testing
• Replace Damaged or Missing Parts
• On-site Service Option
• Documented Test Results


Respiratory Cleaning & Repair

• Ultrasonically Cleaned
• Replace Damaged or Missing Parts
• Respirator Returned in Sealed Bag


Promotional Products

• Corporate Safety Campaign Items
• Corporate Logo'd Items & Apparel
• Corporate Recognition Awards
• Employee Incentive Programs


Tool Tethering

• Prevent Dropped Objects
• Work with Certified Technicians
• Tether 25+ lbs.
• Meet ANSI/ISEA 121


SCBA Service

• Scott Safety 5-Star Service Center!
• 24 Hr. Emergency On-site SCBA Fills
• On-site Annual Flow Testing
• SCBA Bottle Filling/Repair




Vending Solutions

• Machines for Sale and/or Lease
• Virtual Vending Programs
• Inventory Management Programs
• Mobile Warehouse/Trailers