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Take your safety culture to the next level and join the thousands
of people who have already benefited from this message!


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Creating a positive safety culture is both an Art and a Science! The Science addresses all of the regulations, compliance and engineering, and most companies have this covered. The Art side, or what we refer to as "the thin air" or human side of the equation, can be the greatest challenge for companies conquer.


Safe 4 the Right Reasons  breaks down our basic human nature and delivers a personal motivation to each employee to value their safety. This message also addresses how we must watch out for each other and be our brother's keeper. The best part of this message is that it is personal for every employee, and can be incorporated into all of your safety messages and trainings. It serves as the foundation of your safety culture for years to come.

If you would like more information on how you can start implementing this message within your own 
company, please contact us at info@divalsafety.com or by phone.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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Dale Lesinski
Vice President of Sales & Training




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Safe 4 the Right Reasons takes a basic look at our human nature and breaks down why we put ourselves at risk. The fact is, as humans, we are not wired to be safe. That's why the conventional approach to employee safety often delivers meager results.


This message is designed to become the foundation of your safety culture. It is easily incorporated into a safety campaign so you can market your safety message in a positive manner. It  promotes employees to watch out for each other to eliminate high risk situations in a positive manner.


Companies We Have Presented to:

Anheuser Busch ExxonMobil v l saint gobain logo NRG logo
Marathon petroleum National Grid kelloggs logo Frito-Lay
Miracle-Gro logo Office Depot logo ConEd logo CITGO-Logo



Keynote Speaker Presentations:


Leadership Keynote Speaker at the National Safety Council Congress - 2013, 2014, 2015

Other Notable Events:  Michigan Safety Conference, Ohio Safety Congress & Expo, VPPA Region III & IV, Minnesota Safety & Health Conference, Indiana State Safety Conference, Pennsylvania State Governor's Safety & Health Conference, Dayton/Miami Valley Safety Conference.




"Thank you for all of your support in making the National Safety Council’s Annual Congress & Expo an outstanding success. I have a special thank you for being a speaker for our educational program. This portion of our event was a huge success and we could not have achieved this without you. We appreciate the time and effort you put into making your presentation a well worth session not to be missed."

- Hilda K. | National Safety Council


"Dale's presentation has been an extremely effective tool in assisting us in reinforcing our safety program and I would recommend his presentation to any company trying to build a world class safety organization."

- Craig A. | NYS Electric & Gas


"Dale takes the audience on a humorous trip down memory lane that culminates in a serious message that everyone can relate to. You will leave the meeting knowing four reasons why you must work safe!"

- Jim M. | NRG Energy


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Create Your Campaign

Reinforce the Message & Provide a Better Experience 


People Don't Plan to Fail, They Fail to Plan

Allow us to assist you in creating your own Effective Safety Campaign! This program eliminates the worry of having yet another "flavor of the day" type safety message and instead, creates a repeatable mantra that your team will benefit from for years to come. By using our proven marketing materials along with an effective safety campaign outline, you will gain the staying power that your safety program needs. Start seeing real results and don't break the bank while doing it!






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