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Stay smart and compliant on the job with a day full of training, safety speakers, and presenters. DiVal Safety Equipment is a National Safety Council certified training center, so you know that you are getting the proper training.

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Keynote Speaker

Robert O'Neil

Chad Porter

Inspiring A Better You

Experience how a young boy overcomes a horrific tragedy to not only survive but to defy all odds and turn, what most would find insurmountable, into a life of inspiring people across the globe for over 20 years. Chad has been called to train, keynote, coach, and motivate individuals, corporate conferences, and businesses around him to improve themselves and those around them. Chad’s message has produced measurable results and his story has left a lasting impression on hundreds of thousands of people.

Featured Speaker

Robert O'Neil

Kina Hart

Your Safety, My Purpose

After Kina’s workplace accident, her life dramatically changed, as did the lives of her co-workers, family, and friends. Kina now educates and moves her audiences with her presentation, “It’s Your Safety, Don’t Give It Away.”

Kina’s story carries a message about commitment. She makes safety personal.

Summit 2022 Speakers and Topics

Office Safety
Your everyday office might not seem dangerous at all compared to other worksites or facilities, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 76,000 office workers in the United States receive disabling injuries each year. These include falls, electric shock, musculoskeletal disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, and more. To keep your workplace safe for all employees and to avoid the costs associated with injuries and illnesses, you will not want to miss the opportunity to train your employees on basic office safety.

Mike Yarbrough
Sr. Compliance Specialist
DiVal Safety Equipment
Fundamentals of Fall Protection & Fall Protection Awareness
Local governing regulations relating to fall protection. Traditional fall protection (e.g. handrails, guardrails, etc.). Fall restraint systems. Fall arrest systems (including anchors, body support, connecting components and the importance of a rescue plan).

Jason Gimlin
KB Sales
STANDARD UPDATE - MEWP – Mobile Elevated Work Platforms – What Does It Mean For My Company?
More information coming soon.
Accident Investigation
Accident Investigations are incident-prevention tools and should be part of an occupational safety and health management program in your workplace. Such programs are a structured way to identify and control the hazards in a workplace so let’s look at the steps we should go through.

Mike Yarbrough
Sr. Compliance Specialist
DiVal Safety Equipment
Safe 4 The Right Reasons
Safe 4 the Right Reasons: A simple yet sophisticated safety message that eliminates accidents and injuries by getting employees to practice safe behaviors because they WANT to, not because they HAVE to. This presentation delivers what Safety Professionals and Companies have been trying to instill in their employees forever – valuing their own safety and willingly watch out for each other. This message has addressed the missing component of most safety efforts …Emotional Intelligence. Making the safety message about the employee rather than about the company is the path to safety culture success.

Sorry to disappoint, but this session does not feature statistics, leading or lagging indicators, LMR, CFR’s, EMR, BBS or TRIR. By appealing to our Human Nature, “Safe 4 the Right Reasons” is personal, sustainable and proven with over a decade of success.

Dale Lesinski
Vice President
DiVal Safety Equipment
Dog Bite Safety – Sponsored by National Fuel
More information coming soon.
Active Killer Training
More information coming soon.
Lone Worker Safety
More information coming soon.
Working Athletes
More information coming soon.

We do not have pre-approved CEU or PDU acceptance. Our Summit over the past 15 years has qualified for CEU/PDU based on the quality of our content, trainers and speakers. DiVal will provide you with everything you require to submit to your organization (proof of attendance, session descriptions, dates, times and durations, etc.) upon request.

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